Truffle Hunting in ChiantiChianti Wine Tasting Tour

Truffle Hunting in Chianti

Truffle Hunting in Chianti Another one of the region’s specialties. They are mushrooms found underground, near oak trees, and only grow in a very moist environment. In order to find them, dogs that are trained for years before they can find a mushroom go out and hunt them. They are given 2 commands: “Where is…
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Chianti Wine Tasting Tour

Chianti Wine Tasting Tour Discover the beauty of Chianti with us and the ours best proposal to Chianti Wine Tasting Tour. From hillside and discover rolling hills, vineyards, olive groves, charming villages and romantic castles and villas. But your trip isn’t complete without tasting the famous Chianti wine and savoring authentic Tuscan food. We offer…
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